After Rallying 125% YTD, is Bitcoin (BTC) Going to Collapse?

That´s probably the biggest reason why this is happening, but often, these things are just a confluence of many individuals making their own decisions.”Despite what Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain represent, asset prices are cyclical in nature.

However, with supportive fundamentals and widespread use of the coin, analysts are convinced BTC is trading at a discount, even after 2019’s over 150% so far.Candlestick ArrangementAfter six weeks of near perpendicular upswings, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are taking a breather.

Prices are up 33.8 percent from last week’s close but printing lower lows in smaller time frames.Even so, the trend is up, and this is normal as prices do correct as accelerants cool off.

To align our trade plan with May-15 laid out conditions, any dip below May-11 lows will slow down buyers more so if the bar has high volumes exceeding 47k.