Automation is happening—at a glacial pace

Robots can perform quick installations and even weld parts of vehicles because these tasks require no critical thinking.

Humans are needed to keep them functioning, and certain positions, from developers to technicians, are becoming a necessity for organizations that do adopt automation.Because of this, AI might be eliminating jobs in certain spaces but not those that require intimate human knowledge of operations.

An extensive bookkeeping and data-cleaning process require a substantial investment that small and midsized organizations generally find to be too much of a barrier.What’s to come for white collarWhite-collar workers shouldn’t imagine that their jobs will be safe forever, though.

As this technology changes the way we work and moves jobs toward a project focus, companies will have to evolve and work with freelancers, remote workers, and project-based workers who can specialize in these different business needs.SEE ALSO  Businesses turn to experiential marketing to increase market shareWhile AI might not have arrived in white-collar jobs at the same speed as in blue-collar ones, it’s on its way.