Bitcoin Has Reached Adulthood Now, No Wonder It Rallied Past $8k, Says New Report

A new report by a web intelligence platform Indexica claims that Bitcoin has now matured as an asset, which might very well be the key underlying factor to have triggered the asset’s recent rally past an $8,000 valuation.3 Major Driving ForcesThe report is based on an index that gathers data using natural language processing of textual documents.

This factor, according to Indexica, played a major role in fueling Bitcoin’s ongoing rally.Explaining the reasoning behind the “futurity metric,” Zak Selbert, chief executive officer at Indexica, noted:“Think about it, executives will speak of good things they expect to happen on conference calls before they happen.

They only mention mistakes afterward.”Worth noting here is that over the course of the past one month, Bitcoin price has surged nearly 60% from around $5,075 on April 15 to its current price of around $8,000.

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