Bitcoin Pizza Day – ’60 Minutes’ Magazine Interviews Man Who Spent 10000 Bitcoin for Pizza in 2010

From that time on, Hanyecz is known as Bitcoin pizza guy – and it was reported that the soon after trading 10000 Bitcoin for pizza, BTC worth less than a penny.

An American famous journalist ‘Andreson Cooper’ had earlier interviewed to Marco Streng, the CEO of Genesis Mining, Bitcoin’s first millionaires Charlie Shrem, Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard, Neha Narula – director of the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative.

“And when you hold your dollars in a bank account, you have deposit insurance… None of those accountability mechanisms exist for Bitcoin.” The news of Cooper interviewing Bitcoin pizza guy comes as excitement for the crypto community – famous crypto figures including Barry Silbert, Charlie shrem has shared their views on Bitcoin to be discussed at 60 minutes media.

Let us know what do you think BTC price will be on May 22, 2019.?