BitMEX Review: High Leverage Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading, Safe or Not?

However, leverage trading is not without its risks, which we’ll examine later.Supported JurisdictionsBitMEX supports a wide range of jurisdictions, serving customers in 197 countries worldwide.

But for those traders who don’t, read Blokt’s guide on how to buy Bitcoin.Deposits can be sent from almost any wallet, including popular fiat-to-crypto exchange Coinbase.

This can then be withdrawn and sent to a third party Bitcoin wallet, but you will only ever receive Bitcoin at the close of a BitMEX trade.Signing Up to BitMEXNow we’ve been through some of the fundamentals, let’s get started with trading on BitMEX.

Although there are eight contracts to choose from, we’ll focus on XBT perpetual contracts, as they’re the most highly traded contract.BitMEX is distinct from other exchanges because as we’ve briefly explained, users don’t buy the underlying asset.