‘Crypto Dad’ Pens Heartfelt Open Letter Ahead of CFTC Exit

Though many suggest ETFs are a matter of if, and not when, the SEC’s approach to the community has been anything but reassuring.Then There Was Crypto DadChristopher Giancarlo is affectionately known as Crypto Dad.

He argues that a regulator cannot be effective without keeping abreast of technological change:“It has been a core belief during my tenure as Chairman that in order for the CFTC to remain an effective regulator, it must keep pace with these changes, or our regulations will become outdated and ineffective.

But his agency has been incredibly accommodative of new technologies, because, in his words:“Just as our lives are being transformed, so the world’s trading markets are going through the same digital revolution from analog to digital, from human to algorithmic trading and from stand-alone centers to interconnected trading webs.

Emerging digital technologies are impacting trading markets and the entire financial landscape with far-ranging implications for capital formation and risk transfer.”Giancarlo Set to Remain a Fondly Remembered FigureGiancarlo will be fondly remembered by the community that endowed him the nickname Crypto Dad.