Ledger Blue Review: Worth it? Or Just Get a Ledger Nano X or Nano S?

There’s a good reason for this, which we’ll explore later, and it’s because Ledger uses a secure chip in its hardware wallets.In the box, users will find their Ledger Blue on top, with accessories underneath, including a recovery phrase sheet, a micro USB cable, and a well-made carry case to keep the device protected.However, compared to hardware wallets such as the KeepKey, which provides users with a quality woven USB cable, or the Trezor Model-T which comes with a magnetic docking station, the Ledger Blue is relatively simple despite its high ticket price.Note: For more details on the Model-T, check out our in-depth Trezor Model-T Review.Pick up a Ledger Blue Ledger Blue RecommendedLedger BlueHardware Wallet Get ItCoin SupportLedger has excelled itself when it comes to coin support, with over 1,180 supported assets, and overall the Ledger Blue is no different, supporting 30 cryptos which run on their own chains, alongside all the ERC-20 tokens.That said, there are some assets missing from the Ledger Blue which are supported by its cheaper counterpart, the Ledger Nano S.Coin SupportCoin SupportSpecifically, here are some of the major market cap coins which aren’t supported by the Ledger Blue, but are supported on the Ledger Nano S: EOS Cardano IOTA Monero Tezos Vechain Nano Lisk The lack of support for coins with such huge communities may explain why the Ledger Nano S has sold over 1.4 million units, compared to just 10,000 for the Ledger Blue.Security FeaturesLike Ledger’s other hardware wallets, the Ledger Blue is based around a secure element chip, alongside Ledger’s proprietary BOLOS hardware architecture, which offers bank-grade security for your cryptographic assets.

Users can then fill in the required fields (i.e. amount, recipient address, fees), and hit ‘send’.

Likewise, check out our Ledger Nano S review to see what this best-selling hardware wallet can offer.Pick up a Ledger Blue Ledger Blue RecommendedLedger BlueHardware Wallet Get ItReferences Private and Public Keys Explained Investopedia’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies How Does A Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?Follow us on Telegram | Twitter | FacebookFeatured Images are from Shutterstock.

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