Luno Review: A Trusted, Reliable, and Low-Cost Bitcoin Exchange

Luno also offers some of the most competitive fee structures in the industry, reinforcing this focus on accessibility and functionality.That said, with a limited number of supported countries and only 2 supported cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency investors will need to open an additional account with another exchange to access the full crypto market (Read our ‘Best Cryptocurrency Exchange‘ guide to see our top 10 recommendations).

Despite this, Luno does offer an advanced trading platform to work with for those who want to trade ETH and BTC.2 supported crypto coins - Source: luno.com2 supported crypto coins – Source: luno.comLuno will appeal most to people who want a simple interface for performing fiat-to-crypto trades that involve major cryptocurrencies (ETH & BTC) and fiat currencies from Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa.If it sounds like Luno might be the best Bitcoin exchange for your needs, then please read on to find out more.This review will cover the quick facts about Luno, its distinguishing features, its verification process, its fee schedule and will provide a quick pros and cons summary of what we have learned.Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to decide if it’s worth your time to investigate Luno further.“When you rest, you rust.

The Luno market maker fees are some of the best in the industry, while the market taker fees range from decent to very good.Transaction FeesTransaction fees at Luno follow a maker/taker model.Market maker fees are a flat zero across all trading pairs, while they vary from 0.2% to 1% for market takers based on the fiat currency pairing and your 30d trading volume.Even the high end of 1% is a decent transaction fee by industry standards, though far from the best, and the low end of 0.2% to 0.25% is very good.Luno Review Transaction FeesLuno Review Transaction FeesCredit Card FeesWhile only available for deposits in Euro (EUR) and Nigerian Naira (NGN), Luno’s credit card fees are extremely competitive at zero for EUR and 1.58% for NGN up to a maximum deposit fee of NGN 2,070.Bank Transfer FeesAll of Luno’s bank transfer fees except one can be considered as nominal, coming in at less than €5 equivalent.The one exception is Luno’s South African Rand (ZAR) cash deposit penalty of 5%+.Pros and ConsHere is our brief pros and cons breakdown of what this Luno review has shown us.

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