What Is Proof of Stake (PoS) & How Does it Work? Ultimate Coin Staking Guide

All blockchains differ on the length of the unbonding period, which can last from three days with EOS or up to three weeks with Cosmos Hub.RewardsValidators are incentivized to lock up their precious capital because they will be rewarded, generally in both network transaction fees and staking rewards.

The system is also similar to TRON in that Block Producers are voted on or selected by EOS holders.

The blockchain industry continues to evolve rapidly in all aspects from basic infrastructure to the user interface.References EOS.IO Technical Whitepaper v2 Tron Whitepaper v2.0 Blockchain Explained Opportunity Cost Defined ETH 2.0 Economics Bitcoin Electronic Waste Monitor Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index Application-specific integrated circuit Explained What is Byzantine Fault Tolerance?

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