Zcoin, Putting Financial Privacy at the Forefront With Untraceable Crypto Transactions

Likewise, we are working on a way to spend Zcoin nationwide in Thailand.”Crypto traders will find Zcoin on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, and Huobi, as well as regional platforms with local Thai fiat pairings such as Indodax, Koinx, BX Thailand and Sistemkoin.Smart ContractsZcoin has an existing smart asset platform, which it has named Exodus, that allows simple tokens to be created on their own independent ledger whilst being secured via Zcoin’s protocol.

Let’s not forget that today, crime can be facilitated by cash or even money passing through banks.

We have all seen from countless breaches that centralized organizations, even large established entities, cannot be trusted with keeping our private data secure.”Blokt would like to thank Reuben Yap and the entire Zcoin team for sharing their valuable insights with us.Follow us on Telegram | Twitter | FacebookFeatured Images are from Shutterstock.

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